Why Join?

Explore the Windsor Essex #barreltrail with your very own Barrels Bottles Brews Flight Log – now available in THREE options! Experience the 12 craft breweries and 2 distilleries in Windsor Essex and get a taste of what the region is all about.

The updated Flight Log operates exclusively in a digital format with no downloading needs, and allow users to explore at their leisure including a One Day Flight Log for $25 allowing tastings at 5 locations over 24 hours, and a 7 Day Flight Log for $40 allowing tastings at 9 locations over a week.

For the local craft beer & spirits fan, the Frequent Flyer Membership for $75 will give purchasers a full years experience on the Barrels Bottles & Brews Trail. And as they say, membership has it perks – including a complimentary tasting at each partner, a complimentary birthday tasting at their preferred location, monthly offers only available to Frequent Flyer members at specific locations, industry announcements, brew and spirit release details, exclusive gifts, and monthly giveaways.

Check out all the partners highlighted below and choose the Flight Log that works for you!


There is no expiry date on previously purchased print editions Barrels Bottles & Brews Flight Log Passports (purchase prior to March 2020) and you can continue to use as you wish at participating locations*. 

*  Please note that currently the  J.P. Wiser’s Experience remains closed to the public and cannot offer tastings.
** Commemorative bar mats are limited quantity and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.