The Grove Brew House

On November 8th, 2021, we announced to the whole wide world that we would be opening a new facility located at 86 Wigle. Today, we have an update 🍻

1068 days… 1068 days since we opened our doors at 12 Main Street. The immense talent of past and present staff, our locally-minded customers, and the unrelenting support of the Kingsville community has made 1068 days possible. Day 1069, however, we take a big step into the next chapter of The Grove Brewing Company.

On January 1st, 2022, we will be putting our taproom and kitchen at 12 Main St. on pause. For the next couple of months, we will be focusing our energy on completing the move into our new home at 86 Wigle so we can all hopefully party on St. Patrick’s Day together! This is a positive step forward in accelerating the build of what is essentially volume two of The Grove Brewing Co 🙌

Some things are on pause, but some things are not! During this time, we will still be active and offering the following:

✔️ Beer & Merch for takeout and home delivery.
✔️ Small Batch Creations.
✔️ Promotions and giveaways.
✔️ Story updates of how the build is going.
✔️ Pop-ups at local events (if applicable)

Our 12 Main St. location will remain open for Beer & Merch takeout with hours pending. Food for both takeout and dine-in will be temporarily unavailable. Gift cards can be used for beer to-go when making an in-person purchase at the retail counter. Furthermore, gift cards will be accepted in our new space once we re-open!

Until our new home is open to the public, we will continue to make great beer for great people. Thank you for your ongoing support everyone. We can’t wait to welcome you all back in March 2022

The Grove Brew House us currently not accepting tasting passports, but will in the near future at their new location.


Monday: noon – 5pm
Tuesday: noon – 5pm
Wednesday: noon – 5pm
Thursday: noon – 5pm
Friday: noon – 5pm
Saturday: noon – 5pm
Sunday: closed

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