Banded Goose Brewing Co.

(at Jack's GastroPub)

Banded Goose Brewing Co. is the brewing ‘wing’ of its parent company, Jack’s GastroPub, Inn31.
 Our manifesto:
 “To Create Unique, Flavourful Beers which have a good story to tell as a result of our adherence to good brewing practices and utilization of local inputs”

Special Offer for
Barrels Bottles & Brews:

Tasting Flight of up to 3 Banded Goose Beer offerings paired with a 1/2 portion of either our signature Artichokes Parmesan or our Seasonal Spring Rolls....$10 per person

Monday: 11:30a-8:00p
Tuesday: 11:30a-9:00p
Wednesday: 11:30a-9:00p
Thursday: 11:30a-9:00p
Friday: 11:30a-9:00p
Saturday: 11:30a-9:00p
Sunday: 11:30a-8:00p
Only served here!

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31 Division Street South
Kingsville, On
N9Y 1P4